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Accounting Society Fall Forum

On September 4th, I rushed back to my dorm to change out of my regular class clothes.  I threw on my blazer and went to the Connelly Center for the Accounting Society Fall Forum.  I thought it might be a panel or a speaker, but when I walked in I found tables with representatives from all different accounting companies, including the Big 4!  I was not equipped to seal the deal for a job or summer internship by any means, but dove in anyway.

I walked up to PWC and started talking to one of the representatives there.  She was surprised that I was a freshman and had ventured out into this career forum.  She started piling various free endorsed products into a pwc bag and made sure she put me on the email list.  She was very nice but relatively quick, which I understood because she explained that freshman do not get internships.  

I know as a freshman, I am not at the top of the list for these employers to talk to so it did not surprise me.  I moved on over to another table, simply because this one was empty with no one talking to the representatives.  I had never heard of the company, BBD, but I took the opening.  I started to talk to Bobbi Kelly who started off the conversation in the surprised manner that I was a freshman out talking to these companies.  However, she was not quick with me in the slightest, she took 15 minutes to talk to me about everything accounting and her company.  Since I did not have a great understanding of the accounting industry, she patiently explained to me the general functions of private and public accounting firms.  She then began talking about BBD, which is a small firm in based in Philly with about 80 employees.  However despite its small size they were ranked within the 10 most important accounting firms for managing hedge funds, mutual funds, and other investments.  It seemed to me that this company had a much more interesting niche in the accounting world than the Big 4 and other large public corporations, not to mention they were much more friendly toward the little freshman that happened to wander to their table.  I was very impressed with BBD and have already started a correspondence with Bobbi Kelly after the Accounting Society Fall Forum to keep the connections with the company.

I talked to other tables after BBD, such as Deloitte and EY, which again gave me the similar friendly, but very quick, responses.  I got put on email listings and have received emails about pre-internship programs over the summer, however none of them connected to me quite like BBD.  

I loved the experience that I received from attending this Accounting Society Fall Forum.  I learned how to approach employers and begin talking with them, and although I am not an expert by any means, I at least have some idea of how to do it for when I am actually looking for jobs and internships later one in my years here at Villanova.  I gained a great insight into the accounting industry from talking to Bobbi Kelly, as well as a valuable connection with a company that really captivated my interests.